Volume I
Sidecar Seasonal E-commerce Report

Holiday 2015: Google Shopping PLAs and Beyond

E-commerce revenue totaled $105 billion during Holiday 2015, according to the NRF. That’s a 9% YoY bump. But do you know what marketing channels drove that growth? (Hint: PLAs and mobile both played a role.) Get the scoop on shopping trends in the Sidecar Seasonal E-commerce Report: Holiday 2015. It details consumer purchasing data from 91.6 million user sessions on retailers’ e-commerce sites.

The report reveals:

  • E-commerce sales data from the entire Holiday season with year-over-year comparisons of key metrics, including conversion rates and revenue growth
  • Google Shopping channel metrics -- including conversion rates, revenue growth, click growth, order growth, and bidding efficiency
  • Mobile vs. desktop performance -- overall and within Google Shopping PLAs
  • Google Shopping results on Cyber Monday and Black Friday -- as well as the entire Thanksgiving weekend and other key shopping days, such as Green Monday and Free Shipping Day
  • Recommendations on how to capitalize on the trends revealed in the report -- including how to convert mobile traffic, bid more efficiently in Google Shopping, and more
Sidecar PLA Catalog Performance Analysis