Customer Match & RLSA for Google Shopping: The Ultimate Guide

98% of visitors to your e-commerce site won’t buy anything. And even if they do, the truth is that 40% of your revenue will come from loyal, repeat shoppers.


Now, you can use Customer Match and RLSA for Google Shopping to convert more visitors and keep them coming back after that first checkout.  


Grab your copy of The Ultimate Guide to learn how it’s done.

By the time you finish, you’ll know:

  • The difference between Customer Match vs. RLSA
  • How to set up both features in your campaigns
  • The right way to combine Customer Match and RLSA for maximum returns
  • Optimization tactics and strategies, like keyword targeting and how to value audiences

Download it today for answers to all of your questions about Customer Match and RLSA for Google Shopping -- plus a few you might not have even thought to ask.